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Bootie NYC at the Public Assembly

Bootie Boston at the Good Life Bar






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Bootie Boston #47 Wrap Up https://www.jabulanimedia.com/blog/2012/4/bootie-boston-47-wrap-up last night was a new experience again.  Playing upstairs was great, giving the Bootie a completely new vibe.  We were worried the windows to the street would let too much light in, and kill the vibe, but once we got people moving, and heating up the floor,  the windows fogged up giving the place a nice atmosphere.

Big thanks to DJ McFly for bringing some stage lighting to the upstairs.  DJ Garebear guest DJ'd for the night.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the night!  Thanks everyone for coming out.

These guys opened the night with some great moves.  I think they were ringers!  Plenty of shots not in the gallery and great to see some dips on the floor.


We see the pirate every month.  But this time he took center stage, until he was retired.


The one thing that I love the most about event shoots are the random moments I get.  I dont know what happened or was said. I dont know if he was just overloading on the Bootie. What I do know, is that I love this face!

Burt graced us with his mug, courtesy of local art exhibition.  He brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the floor.

Check out the gallery for more shots from the night.


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April Wrap Up https://www.jabulanimedia.com/blog/2012/4/april-wrap-up Had a fun time this month with work, life, and photography.  So with a lot of work to do, lets add blogging to the mix.  This month I was hired to photograph three events in the last week of April.  Luckily they were all within close proximity to the home base, so not too much travel was required.

I was fortunate enough to cover the Harvard Release Party for a new web-based social media company TipTap.  You can find information about them here (once they move out of stealth mode).  I wont speak too much about the company until their services go public.

A memorable photo from this event was the following,

I wish I was listening to this conversation

A few days before this event, I answered a call for a last minute photographer for the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team.  They needed some promo pictures for next year's media.  I helped em out covering a literal last minute shoot.  About 30 minutes before they needed hearing about this gig, I was going to head out into the city to test drive my new d700 and lenses.  I figured why not give the new gear a trial by fire.


We went through several couples, and many different posses and lighting scenarios.  Outside of the stress of working last minute.  I am happy that the new gear didn't fail me.

After this I covered Big-D at the Kids Table in their return show to Boston (in Foxborough).  Lesson learned during this trip.  Never put complete faith in the GPS.  Pics coming soon.

This ends the inaugural blog for jabulaniMEDIA.  Thanks for reading.



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